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60 Questions About Common Core: Answers for North Carolinians

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What we know about North Carolina’s implementation of the Common Core State Standards has changed since the John Locke Foundation released 35 Questions About Common Core: Answers for North Carolinians in April 2013.  What has not changed is the demand for basic information about Common Core.  As a result, we have revised and expanded the original study and maintained the Q&A format.  We have also added subheadings to make it easier to identify topics.

The purpose of this updated primer is to continue to familiarize North Carolinians with the Common Core State Standards by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about common standards and tests.  North Carolina taxpayers should use it as a first step in an ongoing effort to assess the massive changes underway in our public schools.

Spotlight 443 – 60 Questions About Common Core: Answers for North Carolinians

Dr. Stoops is the director of the Center for Effective Education. Before joining the Locke Foundation in 2005, he worked as the program assistant for the Child Welfare Education Programs at the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. He… ...

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