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Billion-Dollar Tax Hike: Legislative Leaders Consider Spend and Tax Mash-Up?

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Legislative leaders may be planning a nearly billion-dollar tax hike. The state would take one cent of the sales tax from counties and offer them the option to increase the local sales tax by one cent. To make the trade palatable, legislators would stop charging counties for 15 percent of Medicaid, offer an earned income tax credit for low-income workers, and cut the corporate income tax rate. Counties would also have more responsibility and flexibility in funding school and road construction. Legislators should look for savings in the state budget to pay for schools, roads, and Medicaid before passing the cost to taxpayers.

Joe Coletti is Director of Oversight Staff for the NC House Majority. Joe is a former Senior Fellow at Locke. Here, he examined fiscal and tax policy. He previously headed the North Carolina Government Efficiency and Reform initiative… ...

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