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COPs Evade Voter Scrutiny: Taxpayers on the hook for special indebtedness

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•  The last statewide General Obligation Bond referendum was held in 2000; all debt since then has been issued without voter approval, making special indebtedness the sole form of debt in North Carolina since 2001.
•  Special Indebtedness is more expensive than traditional General Obligation debt, thus creating a larger burden on taxpayers.
•  40% of North Carolina’s total current debt is special indebtedness.
•  Certificates of Participation (COPs) are the most favored form of special indebtedness.

Spotlight 431 – COPs Evade Voter Scrutiny: Taxpayers on the hook for special indebtedness

Sarah Curry is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation. Previously, she worked for the North Carolina State Senate as a research assistant for the chairs of the Senate Agricultural Committee and headed the research efforts for… ...

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