We are happy to present the 2022 edition of the North Carolina Economic
Performance Factbook (NCEPF).

Much has happened since we published our last edition two years
ago. North Carolina continues to recover from a global pandemic and
economic shutdown. Schools and businesses closed and the goal for
many was to just survive.

But survive we have. North Carolina is emerging from the pandemic
stronger than ever.

North Carolina’s economy is growing again. The percentage of people
working as well as the percentage of people unemployed, are now
better than their pre-pandemic levels.

We’ve weathered this challenge because we’ve persevered but also
because we have leadership in the legislature committed to prudent
spending and helping North Carolina businesses grow and compete.
These strengths have helped propel the North Carolina story. It keeps
unfolding as we welcome businesses and new residents to enjoy all that
the Tar Heel State has to offer.

NCEPF sheds a light on demographic changes, chronicles how our economy has grown, monitors our business climate, and tracks spending for state government and public education.

NCEPF provides decision makers with timely information on how the
economy is performing and where we need to improve, while always
being mindful of the need to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

You can view the NCEPF in your browser or download it by clicking “Read the Report” on the top right of the screen.