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Robeson County’s Vote to Increase the Sales Tax: Would you buy a used car from these guys?

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Key facts:

• Robeson County officials want a quarter-cent sales tax hike and promise a two-cent reduction in the property tax rate.

• The net effect would be like a two-cent property tax hike, since the sales tax increases would bring in an additional $2.3 million a year, while the reduction in property tax revenues would be only $1.2 million.

• If the projects to be paid for with the tax increase are needed and not the result of neglect by county commissioners, then what should go before voters is a property tax increase.

• New Hanover County officials in May promised property tax relief if voters approved a sales tax hike, but they still raised property taxes after the vote.

• Robeson County taxpayers have already been hit with a two-cent tax increase with revaluation, so a vote to approve the sales-tax hike would mean a $2.3 million tax increase from last year.

• Governments with more ways to tax residents have higher tax burdens than those with fewer ways to tax.

Robeson County’s Vote to Increase the Sales Tax: Would you buy a used car from these guys?

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