Could taxpayer funding for elections really be over in North Carolina?  There was no additional funding in 2010 and neither was there in 2011 with a new more fiscally conservative majority in charge.  And now,  according to a recent news report…. “state election officials only have $500,000 leftover from 2008 to distribute. That’s not a lot when a single candidate would typically qualify for around $300,000 in public financing.” The US Supreme Court ruling against matching funds should put a halt to this and we’re still hoping the General Assembly will repeal taxpayer funded campaigns altogether but starving the beast may be the next best thing.

Donna Martinez said it well in a Right Angles post:.. ” it is simply wrong to force people to help fund candidates they would never support. Whether it’s forcing liberals to help fund conservatives or forcing conservatives to help fund liberals or forcing people who reject politics and elections to help fund anyone, it is simply wrong. North Carolina should end its public financing program, comply with the Supreme Court ruling, and show respect for the free speech rights of its citizens.