Progressive/Liberal–First argue that it is all George Bush’s fault then make it clear that we not want to respond the way George Bush would have but instead sparingly use bombing raids and occasional drone strikes, but not too aggressively as that might begin to look like what Bush would have done.

Conservative–Declare that they hate us because of our freedom and we must do what George Bush would have done.  Step up bombing and put at least 10,000 troops on the ground and while your in the area take out the Assad regime. We’ll worry about what comes after that later on.

Democratic Socialist–Reduce emissions of CO2.

Populist–Bomb the sh– out of them and while we’re at it maybe register all Muslims.

Libertarian–Go over the last 75 years of US intervention in the Middle East to show how ISIS is a rational response to that intervention. When asked what you would do now simply retell the history.