Town employees from Waynesville, Canton, Maggie Valley, and Clyde attended a wellness fair. Attendance was mandatory for employees. It was believed the free pens and refrigerator magnets so acquired would synergize with the fitness tracking bracelets employees already wear. We are told the bracelets “measure activity level and combat sedentary lifestyles.”

The importance of wellness was stressed as good for insurance policies:

“Ideally, the concept of health and wellness seeps into employees’ consciousness and trickles down to family members who may be on the town’s insurance plan as well. . . . To have healthier employees means lower insurance rates,” said [Waynesville’s HR manager Brittany] Buchanan. “The impact of workplace wellness can be seen in the bottom line for health insurance costs.”

In an unrelated matter, the Haywood County Commissioners will hold a referendum to legalize beer and wine sales outside of the towns. It is clear the booze sales would grow the economy to the point people don’t have to worry so much about insurance rates if they do go high.

While some people feel like it could help economic development in the county, . . . others feel expanding alcohol sales could result in an increase in alcohol-related incidents.

That second group of feelings is really something to ponder, no?