For starters, the N&R’s Joe Killian reports Guilford County Commissioners Skip Alston and Billy Yow put on one last show before they both leave office. At last night’s meeting, Alston and Yow sparred over rezoning the Guilford County prison farm, ostensibly for an industrial park:

Alston and Yow sparred over whether the county would give away the land or sell it at a reduced rate, after investing in infrastructure, in order to lure companies and jobs. Both accused each other of lying about the process and the county’s intentions.

“What we’re doing is taking that stumbling block out of their way so that when they get the next company that’s ready to go there, they don’t have to go through that part of the process,” Alston said.

Commissioners approved the rezoning with a split vote. Semi-related —the Rhino reported last week the county is pondering selling stream mitigation rights to waterways on the site.