On the subject of incentives, the Winston-Salem Journal crowns Greensboro company RF Micro Devices the incentives king, or least “the Triad’s top requester and collector of incentives.”

On the subject of Commander Hood, he offers his opinion on government’s generosity toward RF Micro:

“The company has made a habit of getting big giveaways from the taxpayers of Guilford County in exchange for investments it almost certainly would have made anyway,” said John Hood, the president of the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh. “Perhaps county officials have finally caught on. Apparently, city and state officials are less discerning.”

That’s why Greensboro voters went for change on the City Council, so they would be a little more discerning. We’ll see.

Update: Hood has more, writing that North Carolina’s large incentives packages have been more about job announcements than actual jobs.