As I’ve said before, it’s often hard to muster sympathy for the Guillford County school system. But the fire at Eastern Guilford was a situation they didn’t ask for, and the system is working under serious time constraints to accommodate the wishes of parents, teachers and students to get everyone under one roof again.

But that’s not good enough for many Eastern parents, who plan to go over the school board’s collective head:

Eastern Guilford parents plan to continue the fight to get their students together again at a renovated Carolina Corporate Center, the former Lucent building in McLeansville.

About a dozen parents withstood Tuesday’s chilly night air to discuss their displeasure with plans for a so-called “pod village” next year instead of using the Carolina building. They plan to take up their cause with county commissioners, who must release any money Guilford County Schools needs to build the “pod village.”

A bit of editorializing there, portraying the parents as hardy souls. “Withstood the chilly night air?” Hey, they threw on a jacket and walked 20 yards from the parking lot to the board room.

But that’s beside the point. Superintendent Terry Grier has said repeatedly that, whatever the system does, it is very time sensitive. Grier couldn’t even promise last night that the pod system would be ready in time for the ’07-’08 school year. So who in their right mind thinks the school system can renovate 100,000 square feet in a timely manner, given its recent experience with the former Oakwood Homes building?