As the Charlotte Observer reports, city and Republican leaders “are scrambling to figure out what’s next” following President Trump’s declaration that he would not accept his party’s nomination in the Queen City:

John Lassiter, CEO of Charlotte’s host committee, said his committee is trying to broker an agreement that would keep the convention in Charlotte.

“Where we are is trying to find common ground,” he said Friday. “We’re obviously very disappointed with the steps the RNC has been taking because we thought we had a convention in our city. We’re optimistic that there’s a way to keep the convention here and have the impact I think many folks in the community were hoping we’d have.”

Among other things, the host committee is charged with raising around $70 million for the event.

“There will clearly be a question on what money has been spent … and raised for the purpose of having a convention in Charlotte,” Driggs, the council member, said. “So there’s no presumption that that money is available for an event somewhere else.”

For his part, Lassiter qualified his optimism.

“I’m not at 10 any more,” he said.