Believed to be wearing a white shirt, cruise-ship captain’s jacket.

Now a second third-shift officer from the Eastway division has had problems with on-the-job sex. Hamlett Almendarez has resigned from CMPD after patrons at the Fuel Pizza on Central said they saw Almendarez engage in a sex act with a woman in the restroom. But that is the least weird part of this story. Once again the crazy starts when Rodney Monroe starts talking. WSOC reports:

Chief Monroe said Almendarez was forced to resign on Saturday.

Monroe said the resignation sends a message that that behavior will not be tolerated.

“I wish that it had not occurred, but it did, and my responsibility is to deal with it, and that’s what we’re doing,” Monroe said.

Huh? How does CMPD “force” an officer to resign? Isn’t that a firing which would require an investigation and a finding of some sort, ie, a paper trail? Speaking of paper trail, will Almendarez be charged in connection with the incident? If not, why not? It certainly sounds like Almendarez was given a plea deal of sorts — quit and we won’t follow this up. But does Monroe and CMPD have that option? Selective enforcement is a very slippery slope.

Then again, Charlotte city council boldly stepped on that slippery slope by refusing to deal head-on with the Monroe college degree flap. That’s them crumpled at the bottom of the hill.

Bonus Observation: Is Monroe running a police force or a dating service for over-sexed young men? Difficult to believe the first time Almendarez did this was at Fuel.

Update: Well, not even the mayor can get an answer on the question of charges for Almendarez.