That’s one way to describe last night’s Panthers’ game. The other would be total incompetence combined with streaks of brilliance. You should have heard the collective groan in the room when Jake Delhomme dumped a lame screen pass off to DeAngelo Williams, who then turned it into a long gain. That play, more than any other, defines the Panthers’ season. You just never know what’s going to happen next.

But there were too many screen passes with not enough yardage to pick up the first down. Delhomme looked like Jay Cutler on more than a few plays. By the way, Theismann, by the way, explained why the referees took so long to throw the flags for intentional grounding — he was waiting for confirmation from the side judge that indeed no receiver was in the area.

As the Panthers lined up on the Eagles’ seven, needing only a John Kasay field goal to tie the game, I still wondered if Delhomme should be trusted with a shot in the end zone. Guess not.

Update: Sam’s Notes has a truth is stranger than fiction Super Bowl scenario. It doesn’t involve the Panthers.