The denizens of the LieStoppers forum are not happy with yesterday’s outcome in the Mike Nifong criminal contempt trial, noting that even Paris Hilton did more time than Nifong. But Judge Ron Stephens catches most of the flak:

Judge Ronald Stephens should be embarrassed to show his face after the things he did personally and allowed to go on in his courtroom, but he appears and isn’t even questioned on obvious points. At a minimum, the Special Prosecutor should’ve pointed out that Stephens made the same impassioned plea about Nifong’s integrity IN OPEN COURT BEFORE the wrongdoing by Nifong in the Duke Case. He should’ve been asked if his confidence was misplaced then OR now. Stephens openly campaigned for Nifong too. And then for Stephens to say no one stood up at his swearing in ceremony and said you’re making a mistake – like that was realistic in Durham, is just too much for an honest person to bear.

Read the whole thing. There are illuminating insights and analyses on the forum that you will never find in the mainstream media.

UPDATE: K.C. Johnson shows no love for Judge Marcia Morey, nor for any of Nifong’s protege ADAs.