John Gizzi of Newsmax recaps interesting primary election results. Marc Rotterman of “Front Row” offers Gizzi expert analysis.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum—endorsed by Bernie Sanders and funded heavily by far-left bankroller George Soros—scored a narrow-but-decisive upset over moderate Democrat and former Rep. Gwen Graham in the latest step in a trek the Democratic Party has been taking leftward.

In defeating the daughter of popular former Gov. and Sen. Bob Graham, Gillum becomes the first black in Sunshine State history to be nominated for governor by a major party.

Barely 20 years after self-styled New Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Connecticut Senator and 2000 vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman were demonstrating that eschewing liberalism and embracing the middle road was a formula for electoral success, the Democratic Party is making a dash to the hard-left symbolized by 2016 presidential hopeful and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. …

… [T]he Democratic Party is increasingly becoming the party of Sanders-aligned candidates, leaving moderates to seek major nominations at their own risk.

“There are no longer any New Democrats left from the ‘90’s,” concluded veteran North Carolina GOP consultant Marc Rotterman, “What is clear is that the energy and the message of the Democratic Party in the mid-terms is being driven by Bernie Sanders and his acolytes who embrace socialism and reject the orthodoxy of the Democratic Party of the recent past.

“Left is all the rage in the Democratic Party and my view is they will be rejected by blue-collar Democrats and others in the middle in November.”