Marc Rotterman offers his analysis of the latest Republican presidential debate for John Gizzi’s report at

The neutral observers I spoke to shortly thereafter judged no one a clear winner or loser, but agreed that Cruz and Trump provided the most drama and electricity of the evening.

“It’s clear they aren’t dating anymore!” veteran North Carolina GOP consultant Marc Rotterman told me, “The gloves really came off between Cruz and Trump.”

Rotterman concluded that “Ted Cruz had his best night of the debate season — from his opening answer and throughout the debate.”

But, he quickly added, “It also was a good night for Mr. Trump, as no knockout punch was landed on him, and his many supporters will stick with him.” …

… [Kathie] Obradovich, [Ford] O’Connell and Rotterman all agreed that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also came out of Charleston a winner on Tuesday.