What color is the terrorist level for the tenth anniversary of 911? Homeland Security lost its credibility before it was born. Every news story I hear about terrorists sounds contrived to manufacture fear in the ignorant masses. TSA captures students with chemistry kits trying to board planes. Their naked body scanners just proved the only means available to find a man had a dozen wild animals crawling in his drawers. Because one terrorist puts WMD’s in his shoes, all terrorists do. People passing through airplane gates must be humiliated while at least one guy made it to an airplane wheel hub. Secyouwrity means taking indecent liberties with me so I can feel like a herded animal. I still think the letters of marque and reprisal worked a whole lot better. And of course my mind-conditioning, auto-correcting Microsoft software wants to make me write “letters of marquee” while it remembers Microsoft must be capitalized.

On the subject, there was a segment on the radio this morning saying a survey indicated people were more inclined to board airplanes now than they were after 911. Does that mean the searches have become less unreasonable or that people are afraid of the consequences of not playing along with the PC false love affair with TSA?

Also celebrating Gestapo tactics, another article embraces how the police racked it up with their road blocks this weekend. They protected people who were driving drunk so they could safely return home to beat their wives, and they helped 6800 people increase their insurance rates because they weren’t wearing their government straps. (Insurance agents assure me the $239 I pay a month for my subcompact is attributable to my two seatbelt tickets.) Now that’s protection!