High-powered developer and Rhino Times publisher Roy Carroll wants to close a portion of Lindsay Street to accommodate his new $50 million mixed-use project across the street from New Bridge Bank Park.

The Greensboro Planning Board has unanimously approved Carroll’s request. Next up is the City Council, which would take the matter up at its Aug. 19 meeting.

It will be interesting to see which way the council goes on this issue, considering that former council member Florence Gatten raised the biggest question:

“Lindsay Street connects Elm Street to Eugene (Street),” Gatten said. “It connects Greene Street to Eugene. It’s a major connector for people coming into the city or leaving the city who want to avoid that weird, strange triangle where Eugene, Battleground (Avenue) and Smith (Street) all come together.

“So the question I think that’s before you today is are we considering closing a downtown street for the convenience of a for-profit developer and negatively impacting the public’s convenience?”

Carroll says he will make his case in today’s issue of the Rhino. Stay tuned.