The N&R takes a look at the District 1 City Council race in today’s edition. In its lead editorial, our paper of record says bye-bye to controversial incumbent Dianne Bellamy-Small, placing challengers Tonya Clinkscale and Luther Falls in the top two spots, with Clinkscale winning by a “hair’s breadth.”

In this article looking at all District 1 candidates, Falls makes an interesting comment, saying council members should do more research on their own “rather than rubber-stamping staff’s recommendation.”

So somebody besides John Hammer believes we have a rubber-stamp City Council. Which, of course, leads us back to the David Wray affair, over which the council has backed City Manager Mitchell Johnson 100 percent. But if the council doesn’t buck Johnson on other matters, why would they buck him on this one?

The best part is that, with all this in mind, the N&R adds that the rubber-stamp council, not petitioners down at the Coliseum Cafe, should determine Johnson’s fate:

City Council representatives have to listen and respond to their constituents. But they set the requirements for their manager, and they determine if he meets them. This council is satisfied with Johnson. Voters are free to consider that when they make their own choices.

Guarino has your guide should you choose to exercise that freedom.