Carolina Journal’s Don Carrington has the story of the day. And by the way, JLF’s Becki Gray notes here that Rep. Wray voted to raise YOUR taxes. 

State Rep. Michael Wray, a Democrat from Gaston who serves as deputy minority leader in the state House of Representatives, owes more than $100,000 in past-due federal, state, and local taxes, according to public records on file in Northampton and Halifax Counties.

Wray has business interests that are intertwined with those of his father, Harold Wray, who has accumulated approximately $150,000 in past-due federal and local taxes of his own. As of June 6, the Wrays or their businesses owed thousands in federal income taxes, North Carolina unemployment insurance taxes, and property taxes in Halifax and Northampton counties, which comprise House District 27, which Michael Wray represents.

In February, the IRS filed two liens on Michael Wray’s property, seeking to collect $83,979 in unpaid federal taxes. At the same time the IRS filed three liens on his father’s property for unpaid taxes totaling $98,505.

In addition, Harold Wray has past due property taxes exceeding $50,000. The family’s tax problems are surprising because records show they own several small businesses and a significant amount of real estate. The individual amounts due to different government jurisdictions range from substantial sums of more than $10,000 to relatively trivial personal property tax bills, unpaid for four years, totaling $163.

Carolina Journal has been unable to determine a reason for the delinquent taxes because Michael Wray has not responded to several phone messages and emails.

Late Monday afternoon, Democratic political consultant Brad Crone called CJ to say that Michael Wray’s taxes were paid. That call soon was followed by another from Wray’s attorney Thomas Wellman, who also said Wray’s taxes were paid. Neither offered any proof of payment nor any reasons why the taxes had been delinquent prior to inquiries from CJ.