Charlie Kirk writes at about the feverish focus on Russian malfeasance among some vocal political partisans.

While countless members of Congress scream about Russian hysteria, Trump understands the importance of having a constructive relationship with a fellow nuclear power.

Merely talking to the Russians appears to be enough to merit an accusation of treason. If you doubt that, just ask Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), one of the few in Washington who dared to refuse to toe the establishment line after Trump’s Helsinki press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and whose trip to Russia last week earned him the fury of those in constant search of another thing to be angry about.

Brinkmanship is no longer just a lesson to observe from history; it’s an active scenario playing out before our eyes. Trump derangement syndrome is actively driving the demands to punish Russia — with little regard for any consequences.

In the midst of the establishment’s collective meltdown, Paul seems to hold the un-swamp-approved belief that the “world’s greatest deliberative body” should — imagine this — try living up to its reputation and talk things out, especially with nations with whom we have sharp disagreements.

Dialogue becomes even more important when those sitting across the table from each other hold the power to obliterate millions upon millions of lives at the mere push of a few buttons.