Susan Ferrechio of the Washington Examiner documents the political obstacles outgoing U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan faces.

Since announcing his retirement last spring, House Speaker Paul Ryan has envisioned a successful close to his two decade career in the House and a chance, he said recently, to “run through the tape” upon his exit.

But his hope for an easy jaunt across the finish line may be blocked by obstacles — in the shapes of President Trump and conservative Republicans — who are insisting on money for a southern border wall that could greatly complicate efforts to fund the federal government on time. He also has to deal with Senate Democrats who could block legislation.

Ryan’s effort to pass food stamp reform and a second tax cut bill may also thwarted, in this instance by the Senate, where minority Democrats have the power to filibuster.

And he’ll face a time crunch: The House majority is at stake in the November midterm elections and Ryan wants to end the fall session with plenty of time to allow lawmakers to go home to campaign.

Overall, spending bills and nominations will dominate the fall agenda in Congress, which will remain in session until just a few weeks before lawmakers leave town to campaign.