Not me saying, but airport authority chairman Henry Isaacson as justification for a new $20-$25 million control tower:

“There are safety issues involved and if I can convince the FAA to move the schedule up, I’m going to do everything I can to do that,” said Henry Isaacson, chairman of the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, adding that is one of his biggest concerns.

…Kevin Baker, executive director for the airport, said there are some shadows or blind spots due to buildings that sometimes block the staff’s full view.

“Heaven forbid if there is an accident,” Isaacson said. “We want to remedy this situation so there is no safety issue involved.”

Yeah I’d say heaven forbid there is an accident, which makes wonder about the odds over the next seven years before it’s fully operational. Perhaps if it is legitimately a safety issue, some of the $144 million to open up land around the airport in order to fulfill Gboro’s aerotropolis dreams can be diverted in order get the tower up quickly.