Regular readers in this forum are likely to recognize the names Eli Lehrer and Reihan Salam. We learned this week that Salam will join Lehrer at the R Street Institute as a senior fellow.

In his new role, Salam will undertake a number of research projects for R Street, including forthcoming studies on carbon taxes, nuclear power and congestion pricing and road usage. He also will represent R Street in a variety of media appearances and op-ed writings.

“I’m delighted to be joining R Street. I look forward to working with the R Street team to identify practical, cost-effective policy reforms that can better the lives of all Americans,” Salam said.

A contributing editor at the National Review and lead blogger for National Review Online’s The Agenda, Salam most recently served as a policy adviser at e21. He is also a columnist for Reuters Opinion; a contributing editor at National Affairs; and co-author, with Ross Douthat, of “Grand New Party: How Conservatives Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream.”

“Reihan Salam is one of the preeminent policy thinkers working today,” R Street President Eli Lehrer said. “He’s innovative, iconoclastic, and really smart. That makes him a perfect fit for the team at R Street.”

Salam once offered Carolina Journal Radio listeners some ideas for transforming conservative principles into workable public policy.