Kylee Griswold of the Federalist highlights the official response to this week’s State of the Union address.

Nobody needed the commander-in-chief to take the stage Tuesday night to know the state of the union.

Americans are reminded every time their gas pump clicks off, assuming they have enough money in their latest paycheck to actually fill the tank. Each time they breach the egg and dairy aisle, presuming the shelves are stocked. When they can’t afford to send their kids to college but they also can’t find a single soul to help staff their small business. When they get another “Covid update” letter from their kids’ school or have to screen an elementary health textbook. When their flight gets canceled, their rent goes up, their Facebook account gets suspended, their rural library hosts a family-friendly drag show, their freaking stove gets demonized, and they get called a conspiracy theorist for noticing that the possessors of classified documents get disparate treatment depending who their friends are.

Despite all these failures — or in some cases, if you’re a Democrat, smashing culture war successes — Americans were treated to an evening-long, real-time revisionist take on our state of affairs from President Joe Biden. It was long. And it was ultimately a lie.

Yet in one single sentence of her response speech, Arkansas’ first-term Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders summed up the state of our union better than Biden did in nearly an hour and a half:

“While you reap the consequences of their failures, the Biden administration seems more interested in woke fantasies than the hard reality Americans face every day.”

For an increasing number of Americans, everyday life in 2023 is precisely that: a hard reality. Talk to any dedicated nurse who slaved through the height of the pandemic and was thanklessly fired for declining an experimental shot. Ask any professor who was dragged through the mud for refusing to instill racial division or deny basic biology.