Eric Owens of the Daily Caller detects disappointment among dedicated followers of Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Supporters of socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are disappointed because they have been unable to translate their fervent enthusiasm for big government and far-left policies into election victories.

Sanders and his progressive political action organization, Our Revolution, have nearly nothing to show for their robust support for several candidates in recent elections.

“We’re really good on the messaging and the rallies,” Wendy Carrillo, a Sanders-supporting immigrants’ rights activist told Politico. “But it needs to translate into votes.”

The collective string of losses is impressive. …

… Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a Democrat, suggested that Sanders and his supporters are excessively focused on political passion and insufficiently focused on doing the things that are necessary to actually win elections.

“If we only turn that anger inward, I fear we become the permanent party of opposition,” Garcetti told Politico. “Over the next couple months, we’d better get our act together.”

California Democratic strategist Garry South suggested that Sanders supporters have little in the way of long-term political vision.