Surprise—-the Say Yes Guilford program is experiencing a few hiccups— much to the angst of parents sending their kids off to college:

Haven’t seen your Say Yes money yet? The program’s local director has three words for you:

Please be patient.

That’s because Say Yes Guilford — the new scholarship program for graduates of Guilford County’s public schools — won’t be sending money to colleges until after the schools’ payment deadlines.

Normally, students who miss the deadline for paying their college bills find themselves no longer enrolled in the classes they picked. But Say Yes has worked out a payment arrangement with the four-year universities and the community colleges that local students will attend this fall.

“We have done our best to make sure students aren’t dropped from classes because of nonpayment of tuition,” Mary Vigue, the executive director of Say Yes Guilford, said in a telephone interview Monday.

Interesting that Say Yes was hailed as the greatest thing to happen to Guilford County in a long time but now suddenly is in hurry and wait mode.