The Heartland Institute’s “Somewhat Reasonable” blog quoted John Locke Foundation Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops in an article about North Carolina’s new A-F grades for public schools. quoted Stoops in an article about home schooling.

The Heritage Foundation’s “Insider Online” blog promoted Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry‘s latest report on a “reverse logrolling” approach to resolving N.C. House and Senate budget disagreements. “Insider Online” also promoted both this week’s JLF Shaftesbury Society speech from author Garland Tucker, who shared themes from his book Conservative Heroes, and next week’s presentation from Jonathan Williams of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato critiqued targeted tax incentives during a speech to the Charlotte Tea Party group. promoted Curry’s analysis of the state budget continuing resolution, along with Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ research newsletter on higher-than-expected costs tied to energy-efficiency programs.

The Kernersville News published Mitch Kokai’s review of Tucker’s book, while promoted Kokai’s review of the book Band of Giants. It focuses on the soldiers who helped win American independence. also cited Carolina Journal Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s report on opposition to new toll lanes for Interstate 77 between Charlotte and Mooresville, along with Associate Editor Dan Way‘s article on large tech companies that have urged North Carolina to retain its renewable energy subsidies and mandates. N.C. Senate Republicans’ daily press email promoted Carrington’s initial I-77 toll lanes article, a follow-up focusing on toll critics’ lobbying efforts at the state Legislative Building, Way’s report on the tech giants‘ support for renewable energy, Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s update on proposed Map Act reforms, Sanders’ column on energy-efficiency costs, and JLF Chairman John Hood‘s columns on the state budget debate and Gov. Pat McCrory’s poll numbers.

Syndicated columnist Patrick Gannon offered a favorable mention of the John Locke Foundation in an article focusing on a media credential dispute involving McCrory’s office. The Bluefield Daily Telegraph cited the N.C. History Project in an article about the Freedmen’s Colony on Roanoke Island.