As 2006 comes to a close, education leaders are assessing the performance of schools across the state.  This has proven difficult, as the state’s accountability model, the ABC’s of student performance, has fallen into disrepute. To make matters worse, unhelpful scores were delivered late. Lindalyn Kakadelis spoke with Bill Lumaye and Gerrick Brenner from News Channel 11 about the state’s atrocious accountability model. Terry Stoops just spells it all out in the Fayetteville Observer.  At an education forum, which brought together the hosts of NC SPIN, John Hood addressed NC’s testing problem, as well as introduced listeners to the purpose of public education. Population booms in the Charlotte area, combined with voter mistrust, have turned the Queen City into a particularly scrutinized education zone. The school system’s new Superintendent, Dr. Gorman, recently released his 100-day plan for school reform. Lindalyn provided her insight on the idea to Al Gardner, WBT morning news and the Charlotte Business Journal. Also in Charlotte, Jeff Taylor, uncovered the truth about busing and minority students – it’s a huge cover-up, allowing bureaucrats to mitigate low-performance by pairing it with high.