Andrew Follett of the Daily Caller discusses negative reaction to the latest misinformation emanating from Bill Nye, “the science guy.”

Comedian Bill Nye’s new Netflix TV show, “Bill Nye Saves the Earth,” was harshly criticized on Reddit Tuesday for being too mean and political.

The post complains that Nye, who is well known for hosting a children’s TV show in the 1990s, left his objective “Science Guy” persona behind in favor of becoming blatantly political and bashing anyone who disagrees with him. The Reddit post received more than 71,000 upvotes and over 14,000 comments as of Tuesday evening. It has been “gilded” 8 times, and each of these means that someone on Reddit paid about $4 dollars to the author for writing it.

“I am about halfway through Bill Nye Saves the World, and I am completely disappointed. I’ve been a huge fan of Bill Bye since I was ten,” Reddit user Sloth859 wrote. “Bill Nye the Science Guy was entertaining and educational. Bill Nye Saves the World is neither. In this show he simply brings up an issue, tells you which side you should be on, and then makes fun of people on the other side.”

Sloth859 and many other Reddit users noted that Nye’s show is mean-spirited and ignores real solutions in favor of appealing to progressive political sensibilities. Reddit overwhelmingly leans towards the left and generally supports global warming causes.