The Charlotte Observer is reporting that the felon Patrick Cannon cast an early ballot on Oct. 30. The obvious issue: Under state law, a felony conviction takes away one’s right to vote until you’ve served your sentence, including any probation or parole. So Cannon shouldn’t have voted and the U.S. Probation Office here in Charlotte says that it will be giving him a call tomorrow and it’s quite possible that Cannon will be told by a federal judge report to prison immediately.

And the real question from this: Is Cannon so incredibly stupid to not know he shouldn’t have voted, so incredibly arrogant to think that no one would notice that he voted when he shouldn’t have, or both? In any case, Cannon’s actions amount to a middle-finger salute to the city of Charlotte and its many law abiding citizens.

Bonus observation: Patrick Cannon will long serve as the poster boy for election fraud in North Carolina, even though his actions wouldn’t have been prevented by a voter ID requirement.