Strange commentary today from Elizabeth Edwards:

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of White House hopeful John Edwards, says her choices in life have made her happier than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton – a possible Edwards’ rival for the Democratic nomination.

“She and I are from the same generation. We both went to law school and married other lawyers, but after that we made other choices. I think my choices have made me happier. I think I’m more joyful than she is,” Elizabeth Edwards said Thursday.

Edwards goes on to describe a time that Hillary Clinton came over for supper. “We didn’t have enough shepherd’s pie in the fridge so we ate salmon and cabbage – lots of it. She loves cabbage and so do I.

Why they didn’t have enough shepherd’s pie is a funny story, too. Apparently John Edwards had confirmed a supper with Hillary but didn’t tell his wife. The AP puts it this way:

Clinton surprised her by showing up for dinner at the Edwards’ home.

Ye cats! I think “surprise” is an understatement. Imagine if you heard a knock and saw Hillary Clinton standing at your door. How would you react? Apart from hoping desperately that Halloween came early, I mean.