Editors at the New York Post assess the left’s latest campaign against U.S. Supreme Court conservatives.

In some combination of ignorance and cynicism, lefty circles are abuzz about the supposed “Christian Nationalist” threat to the republic, and now the hysteria has joined with the drive to delegitimize the Supreme Court, or at least the justices least inclined to rubber-stamp the left’s agenda.

On Monday, activist Lauren Windsor posted audio recordings of conversations with Justice Sam Alito, his wife and Chief Justice John Roberts, which she secretly taped while posing as a religious conservative at an event last week.

Her “big get” is a chat where she baits Alito by saying that “people in this country who believe in God” need “to return our country to a place of Godliness,” and Alito (wait for it) politely agrees with her.


A religious man agreeing that Godliness is a worthy value?

Cue the woke pearl-clutching.

From the tape, it’s pretty obvious that the justice is just trying to gently disengage from an obsessive; he never breathes a word about the government enforcing religious ideals, let alone of letting his faith sway his jurisprudence.

But that didn’t stop The New York Times from running not just a report on Windsor’s “findings” but also a column headlined “Alito no longer tries to hide his theocratic worldview,” though he uttered not a “theocratic” word in the exchange and has spoken openly of his faith for decades now.

Nor from running a followup “news analysis” teeing off the Alito non-story to discuss the supposed rise of a “broader Christian movement” that Times readers should apparently be very worried about.

Politico, Rolling Stone and other left-leaning outlets also ran with the activist’s hysterical interpretation of her exchange with the justice, all advancing the idea that Alito’s objectivity is compromised.