Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu is fighting for re-election against Republican Bill Cassidy. The legality of aborting babies shows a difference between the candidates, reports Politico. 

“Nothing on this subject is easy to explain. I have kind of a different record than most. I’ve voted against late-term abortion, I voted for access in the … pre-viability [period],” she said. “Although I personally believe that life begins at conception, I believe the last place the government needs to be is in the church, in the doctor’s office or in the bedroom. And so even people who advocate for less government intrusion, like Gov. Jindal, get themselves in the most personal decisions a family could ever make.”

In a separate interview, Cassidy the senator’s explanation, arguing that Landrieu is “clearly pro-abortion rights.”

“She has supported using U.S. taxpayer dollars for overseas abortions and most folks, even if they are pro-choice, don’t care for that,” Cassidy said, referring to a 1997 vote on lifting an abortion ban on overseas U.S. military bases.

Indeed the two rivals maintain a clear division on the issue of abortion rights in Congress, where Cassidy supported a House-passed bill that federally bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy while Landrieu has taken a pass on co-sponsoring a GOP companion measure in the Senate. That law is already on the books in Louisiana, signed by Jindal.

“Some of the bills being passed around the country are just very intrusive to personal decisions and very harmful to women and girls, you know, to their physical health and life. It’s a shame,” Landrieu said. “20 weeks is not the norm for being able to live outside of a hospital.”

Civilized nations intervene to protect innocent children and adults who are about to be killed. Children we simply can’t see yet with the naked eye are no less human and innocent.

And what about the millions of disabled and/or elderly children and adults who live in nursing homes and specialized care centers? Would Sen. Landrieu apply the same revolting “life” test to them too?