Lots of big-name speakers came to the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando this weekend

None of them connected with the crowd better than Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz.

Before Cruz could get warmed up, someone from the audience shouted, “Ted Cruz, I love you!” The feeling was mutual. Cruz loved the crowd too.

Cruz talked about joining with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul in his filibuster on whether the president of the United States had the authority to order drone strikes on American citizens. “The president was forced to listen to the people,” Cruz said.

Cruz continued that theme, saying that President Obama, along with Democratic and Republican members of Congress need to listen to the people on other issues, such as Syria, immigration, and Common Core.

He drew standing ovations from the AFP activists numerous times, including when he declared, “We need to repeal every single word of Obamacare.”

Having doubts that the activists loved Cruz? Well they started groaning at the end of his speech, when he said, “I want to close…”