The local daily today reminded me of a friend of mine who has uncanny speed reading capabilities. He once explained a large part of his talent lied in the fact that one can tell ahead of time what most people are going to write. The stories are all the same except for the key words.

And so I ask, who expected the losers of Amendment One would not be rebelling; and if those losers were the proponents of gay marriage, they wouldn’t be escalating the We Do Campaign to demand marriage licenses from registers of deeds until forcefully removed? And who on earth could foresee another announcement that some study or another is predicting a humongous economy of prosperity right around the corner, the likes of which we’ve been reading in regular doses for three years or so?

By the way, I sympathize with the lack of material while politicians walk on eggshells. I myself wrote three dreadful pieces to fill up space for another media outlet last week.