After four straight weeks in decline, active cases of COVID-19 in NC increased last week:

  • There are 17,232 active cases of COVID-19 in NC — up 1,930 from last week (active cases are known cases minus deaths and recoveries)
  • 87.4 percent of NC’s known cases of COVID-19 are presumed recovered
  • That’s seven out of eight cases
  • There are 7.9 times more people who’ve recovered from COVID-19 in NC than who currently have an active case of the virus
  • Since May 11, known cases have increased 940 percent, while deaths have increased 300 percent
  • In that same time, recoveries have increased 1,400 percent

The raw numbers for this week, per the state Department of Health and Human Services:

  • Total known cases: 156,396 (up 10,880)
  • Total deaths: 2,534
  • Total recoveries: 136,630 (up 8,881)

Here are the week-to-week changes in recoveries, known cases, and deaths: