Max Greenwood of The Hill reports on one development Democrats might not have anticipated when they decided to launch an all-out sexual harassment attack on Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

A former organizer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and a former volunteer for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) 2016 White House bid say they were the victims of sexual harassment while they were working for the candidates, according to a HuffPost report on Friday.

The allegations come in the midst of a wave of sexual harassment charges in the political realm. …

… Lilian Adams started as an intern for Clinton’s campaign, before moving to Colorado to work as a paid organizer for Clinton’s bid and the state Democratic Party, according to the report. For months, she told HuffPost, she experienced harassment, including remarks about her sexual orientation, from an unnamed man also working on the campaign.

That alleged harassment only got worse over time, she said.

“He made multiple comments about my body, told people we were dating, would constantly try to get me to drink (I was 19), try to force me into situations where we were alone, encouraged me not to wear bras, etc.,” Adams told HuffPost.

Adams told her superiors about the matter, and eventually pressed them to take action. Her alleged harasser was fired shortly after that, but was eventually hired to work with a different state party.

“So he was technically fired but still ended up working for Hillary via the [other state] Democratic Party,” she said.

Zoey Jordan Salsbury, who became the president of American University Students for Bernie in 2015, said that she experienced harassment from an unnamed intern on the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign, who was her main point of contact.

That intern allegedly began making unwanted advances on Salsbury, but she found herself unsure of how to report the behavior, because the Sanders campaign did not have an internal infrastructure for volunteers to deal with such matters.

Democratic operatives and sexual harassment? Nothing new for a North Carolina audience.