In today’s news, we have some interesting public meetings about town. They’re interesting because all three are being convened by private interests, more or less.

In Haywood County, non-incumbent candidates for commissioner seats are holding sessions to “find ways to help taxpayers keep more of their own money and grow Haywood County’s economy.” If you want details, you will have to look them up, as I don’t want to give the JLF the appearance of advertising for candidates.

Another meeting will be convened by Save Our Water WNC. Asheville’s mayor, Esther Manheimer, has been invited to speak. The event is cosponsored by five local environmental groups. Presenters will argue that water belongs to the people, and it is better protected by the people. Consequently, Asheville’s cash cow of a water system should remain under municipal control and not be seized by the state through special legislation.

Lastly, Kitty Love is the organizer of the Fourth Annual Creative Sector Summit. Love has observed a “disconnect . . . between our wonderful, talented artists and the visitors who come to the area.” Love wants artists to be more “visitor-ready.”