Ben Shapiro explains at National Review Online why it’s time for religious Americans to “wake up.”

We’re entering the age of mainstream anti-religious bigotry.

In the past, American-brand religious bigotry has been largely internecine in fashion; to quote comic songster Tom Lehrer, “the Protestants hate the Catholics, and the Catholics hate the Protestants, and the Hindus hate the Muslims, and everybody hates the Jews.” Now, however, bigotry with regard to religion has been directed by secular Americans against religion itself. Those who abide by traditional Judeo-Christian notions of sin have been targeted for destruction, deemed unworthy of private choice, let alone a role in the public discourse.

This week provided ample examples. First, there was the full-scale media assault on Karen Pence, the wife of Vice President Mike Pence. Karen committed the unforgivable sin of going back to work at a Christian school at which she had taught art for a dozen years. That Christian school had a rather typical policy under which parents and students were to sign a pledge not to engage in sinful behavior, which under traditional Christian definition included premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexual activity, and transgender self-identification, among others. …

… That perturbation manifested itself once again in another manufactured media outrage, this time concerning the students of Covington Catholic High School. Every year, over a hundred students from the high school attend the annual March for Life (I had the pleasure of speaking there this year). Shortly after the march ended, the students gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to wait for a bus. That’s when they were accosted, first by unstable members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, who proceeded to curse them, and then by an elderly Native American man, who walked into their midst while banging a drum.