Some of these bastards arrived here unable to speak English, yet carried out the Sept. 11 attacks with the help of a Muslim support network of individuals right here in America who have never been punished.

Incredibly, as we grieve, many of those who helped plan 9/11 or supported the conspirators still walk the earth unpunished. A vast Muslim support network in San Diego made 9/11 possible. We know who many of them are. We know a lot about what they did. Yet some were allowed to leave our country without punishment, including those who funnelled the financing for it directly to the attackers from the Saudi government. Without that financing the attack would not have been possible.

One was recently honored by San Diego community leaders. Read this shocking series on the vast terror network that supported the 9/11 conspirators and how our government let them get away with it. This piece will change the way you think of 9/11 and those who carried it out.