Peter Hasson reports for the Daily Caller on key leaders of a high-profile anti-Trump protest group.

Six former Hillary Clinton campaign operatives are playing key roles for one the nation’s most prominent anti-Trump organizations.

The Women’s March on Washington originated as an inauguration weekend protest against the Trump administration. Since then, however, Women’s March has continued organizing against President Trump, mobilizing opposition against his cabinet nominees and executive orders on immigration. …

… Research by The Daily Caller reveals a half-dozen former Clinton campaign operatives helping guide Women’s March in its anti-Trump agenda.

Three of the five “strategic advisors” listed on the organization’s website are former Clinton campaign operatives.

Strategic advisor De’Ara Balenger previously worked as the Clinton campaign’s director of engagement. Politico reported in September that Balenger reported “directly” to Clinton confidante Huma Abedin.

Another Women’s March advisor, Meredith Shepherd, was a member of the Clinton campaign’s National Finance Committee and raised at least $100,000 for Clinton’s unsuccessful election efforts. Shepherd was also listed as a point of contact for Clinton campaign events. FEC filings filed by the Clinton campaign show disbursements paid to Shepherd.

A third advisor, Sarah Sophie Flicker, is an activist who “worked extensively with the Clinton campaign,” Vogue reported in January.