Tim Graham of the Daily Wire documents dubious media awards from a self-appointed guardian of journalistic principles.

The Poynter Institute is a Florida-based journalism organization that runs PolitiFact. On Poynter.org, a daily media report runs by Tom Jones, … Poynter says it supports “responsible news and fact-based information,” but its incessant party line of liberal-media cheerleading and conservative-media loathing really came through when Jones made a list of the “best and worst of news media in 2020.”

Best national news: “ABC’s David Muir, with his steady presence behind the desk, is leading what has become the best network evening newscast.” But he loves CBS and NBC, too! “All, however, are good, and that includes the ‘PBS NewsHour’ with outstanding anchor Judy Woodruff,” he said. …

… Biggest hurdle to a free press in the U.S.: President Donald Trump and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. “With her lies and childish attacks, she is in the running for worst White House press secretary ever,” he said. …

… Most versatile: Savannah Guthrie for her “solid work” on the “Today” show and her “take-no-guff town hall with President Trump. Her work grilling the president and keeping him on point was excellent.”

Things he really liked in the media this year: late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers. “Roasting politicians and commenting on politics have been late-night staples forever, but the commentary of Colbert and Meyers this year was hilarious and biting,” he said.

Things he really hated this year: “Pretty much everything said on Fox News’ ‘The Five,’ especially if it was coming out of Greg Gutfeld’s mouth.”

Oh, and Jones also hates Rick Santorum on CNN. Because all the liberals don’t want conservatives to, as liberal blog Crooks and Liars says, “muddy up their political panels” on CNN.

Liberals good, conservatives bad: That’s the Poynter Institute for you.