Today’s Greensboro News & Record print edition:

Roadwork now off pace, over budget

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“They are doing this to Reidsville, I guess, because they think Reidsville is a Podunk town and they can get by with it,” said local attorney Daniel Bailey, whose law office is in the 1700 block of Freeway Drive.

The delay and continual disruption have been tough on businesses along the route, said Bailey, who added that because of the disruption he lost at least one tenant in his building that he owns.

“It’s killing them,” Bailey said of restaurants and other businesses along the route. “We’ve had absolutely beautiful weather for paving and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than two paving crews out there at any one time, when there could be eight.”

Reidsville Mayor Jay Donecker counters that Bailey goes overboard in his criticism, that there are understandable explanations for the delay and that Reidsville will have a wonderfully upgraded transportation asset when the project is complete, hopefully, late this year.

“Is it the best job or the most perfect job?” Donecker asked rhetorically in a recent interview. “No.”