Mark Hemingway of the Weekly Standard notices a curious omission from the list of prominent and powerful men accused in recent months of sexual harassment and assault.

Indeed, it is remarkable we’re in the midst of a Great Sexual Assault Awakening, yet the media is remarkably unwilling to discuss the several credible accusations made against Bill Clinton. He has been accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. Paula Jones’s story about being ushered into a hotel room where Bill Clinton propositioned her and exposed himself is remarkably similar to Harvey Weinstein’s apparent modus operandi. There’s the alleged assault of Kathleen Willey in the Oval Office, where she says he grabbed her breasts and genitals. According to Monica Lewinsky’s testimony in the Starr Report, Clinton’s denial of assaulting Willey was based upon the oh-so-enlightened rationale that Willey has small breasts, ergo it’s ridiculous to assume he would have grabbed them. And speaking of Lewinsky, it’s tough to imagine that in the current environment the way that Bill Clinton exploited his position of power to sexually degrade a White House intern with a cigar—hardly one of the comparatively decorous presidential romps with a celebrity at Peter Lawford’s beach house—would be viewed as a healthy consensual encounter. Post-presidency, I’m sure all that palling around on financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane—the FBI identified “about 40” girls whom Epstein molested—is no reason to reassess the man’s behavior.

And of course there were many more accusations than that. So many, in fact, that Hillary Clinton herself got her prestigious Little Rock law firm involved in silencing Clinton’s many conquests. According to reports, Hillary Clinton was even in the room for some of the intimidation and shaming of these women. She’s empowered women, but I guess first she had to empower her more politically talented husband’s predatory behavior so she could ride his coattails to becoming America’s first woman president. Speaking of which, how’d that work out?