About the John Locke Foundation

The John Locke Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy institute based in Raleigh. Its mission is to develop and promote solutions to the state's most critical challenges. The Locke Foundation seeks to transform state and local government through the principles of competition, innovation, personal freedom, and personal responsibility in order to strike a better balance between the public sector and private institutions of family, faith, community, and enterprise.

To pursue these goals, the Locke Foundation operates a number of programs and services to provide information and observations to legislators, policymakers, business executives, citizen activists, civic and community leaders, and the news media. These services and programs include the foundation's monthly newspaper, Carolina Journal; its daily news service, CarolinaJournal.com; its weekly e-newsletter, Carolina Journal Weekly Report; its quarterly newsletter, The Locke Letter; and regular events, conferences, and research reports on important topics facing state and local governments.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, tax-exempt education foundation and is funded solely from voluntary contributions from individuals, corporations, and charitable foundations. It was founded in 1990. For more information, visit www.JohnLocke.org.