Downtown business owners are skeptical about proposed downtown business improvement tax:

Suzy Baxter, the property manager who lives at the Nissen Building on Fourth Street, home to about 225 residents, said she is not against the district but wants to make sure that the money spent takes care of the problems.

“There is more that could be done with the people that are getting paid already without being taxed,” Baxter said, referring to the work of city sanitation crews and the police department’s Downtown Bike Patrol.

Exactly. Hard to believe W-S has held off on a bid tax given Greensboro’s has been in place for nine years now. It still will be interesting to see how this goes down. If it fails, I’d think a good campaign issue for a Gboro council candidate for this November election would be ‘repeal the bid tax,’ given Downtown Greensboro Inc.’s recent problems.