Winston-Salem Journal columnist Scott Sexton on the City of Winston-Salem’s proposed $122 million bond package:

Ready or not, the push for a $122 million general obligation bond package is officially on. Hang onto to your wallets; the city is about to ask for a whole lot of money.

If it seems like we just went through this song and dance, it’s because we did.

A variation of the same road show fanned out four short years ago just before city voters overwhelmingly approved some $139.2 million in bonds to pay for, among other big-ticket items, new police and fire stations, and a spectacular new park around an abandoned granite quarry near Reynolds Park Golf Course.

And like the last go-round, officials began making their case long before voters/taxpayers actually go to the polls to cast ballots.

Needless to say it’s refreshing to see skepticism from local media over a proposed city bond package, which is tentatively scheduled to go before voters on the November ballot.