This is the second time I’ve read Ogi Overman’s vision for downtown:

Elm will have been renamed and transformed into a magical place that takes us back to our childhood, our parents’ childhood, our grandparents’ childhood even. Beginning at Lee Street and ending 10 blocks down at Fisher Park, each block will take on the aura of a decade of the 20th century. Tourists will begin their trek in Olde Greensborough at the turn of the 19th century, cross the tracks into the Hamburger Square of the ’30s, progress through World War II and into the civil rights and Vietnam decade of the ’60s, disco duck through the ’70s, weave big hair and Wham! into the ’80s and wind up with Clinton and Monica closing out the’90s.

Now, venturing even further out of the box, a Ferris wheel and several other carnival rides will occupy the area between the Children’s Museum and the Depot. Then, the coup de grace, the world’s largest soda bottle will be built out of glass block. It will be at least four or five stories high, with a spiral staircase inside and free soft drink stands at each level. Once on top, tourists will be able to overlook First Horizon Park, wave at the folks on top of the Ferris wheel and, with the telescopes provided, on a clear day see Pilot Mountain.

I’m still not sure if he’s mocking downtown development or having a flashback.